Thursday, October 10, 2013

About Alabam And Georgia In BCS Title Game

None of the top 10 teams lost last weekend, but there's still a major change at the top of the latest USA TODAY Sports bowl projection.

Georgia loses its spot in the BCS title game with three more key offensive contributors going down in a win against Tennessee.

The Bulldogs still have hope of reaching Pasadena. It's just going to be a tougher road, and Florida now looks to be in better shape to win the SEC East.

Taking Georgia's spot is Alabama. The Tide still have to defeat LSU and win the SEC title to be in position for a fourth title in five seasons. Ohio State barely hung on to the other place by rallying past Northwestern.

That's how the picture looks today. Much will change in the future to cause reshuffling. Also keep in mind, some conferences may not be able to fulfill their allotment. An asterisk indicates a school has filled a vacant spot.

Actually they are 2nd in both the coaches poll and AP, although the AP poll does not count towards the BCS standings. They probably should be first in both.

I love my Buckeyes but could care less about a "title" bowl that is not earned through a playoff system. I predict the 4 team playoff will last 4-6 years before being scrapped for an 8 team system pulling from : ACC, SEC, Big10, Big12, Pac12, CUSA, MWEST, A10. 8 conferences each send their champion and the seeding is random. That would be 3 weeks of GREAT football and plenty of bowl games.

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